Car sales executive: job advice needed?

I’m at Uni at the moment but due to financial difficulty I don’t think I will be able to carry on into my second year this summer. I’m not allowed to re-register unless I pay off my hall fees, which is currently £2000 and there is no way my parents can afford to help me out, but that is going off topic).

I’m interested though in the motor trade (I want to have my own dealerships sometime in the future) and have an interview for a car sales executive trainee position next week. What sort of salary and career prospects are there for this though? What is the job actually like?

You always hear stories of how salesmen don’t really earn much and get fired very easily, etc etc…
How much trust actually is there in that though?
It is a job I would enjoy doing and pretty sure I would be good at it, I’m just worried they will get rid of me for X reason and then I really will be stumped.
I was quoting the job title given to me. Although the place sells both new and used.

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2 Responses to “Car sales executive: job advice needed?”

  1. jackie m says:

    UK – on the news tonight they spoke about the 2500 applicants to arnold clark for the sales jobs and only 100 of them qualified for a job because they had no work experience so i dont think you have much of a chance and the local new and used car companies here work on a basic of around £150 per week working 8am-8on 7 days a week and commission on sales but who has actually got the money to buy a new car in this econimic climate. I have a list of qualification and over 25 years expereicne in and applied for over 9000 jobs in 11 months and got 3 interviews and they always went to the person with the highest uni degree but no common sense, – Have you no considered student finance? Good Luck

  2. Douglas M says:

    Salesman do not get paid by being there. They get paid for selling the stuff – in your case, it is cars.

    Often, salesmen earn commission on the sales they generate. Besides commissions, salesmen also get bonuses.

    Regarding the "get fired very easily", yes, it happens frequently. Selling a certain number of cars consistently, can be a high pressure job!

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