Car Title Problem, Long Story.?

This is going to be a long story. I saw on craigslist a 2000 Nissan Maxima SE with 127,xxx miles for $1,100$. If you know cars you
know that is a steal. The posting stated that the car blew a tire driving it and he didn’t have the money to buy a new tire so he just
left it at a Tires Plus. The guy left no number on the add and never answered any emails. So my dad and I drive down to the Tires Plus
Found no contact information on or inside the car either, go inside and try to get contact info from an employee. They said he did
not leave any contact information for the vehicle at all, and he said there has been 10 + people to come look at it and the company
was going to get it towed the next day. We decided to leave, right as we were about to leave this guy pulls up next to the maxima gets
out and walks towards it and unlocks it. So My dad and I go outside and see if it’s the owner, it was the owner. It was the NEW owner
though. He just bought it from the original owner for $750.00. The guy said that the owner was impossible to track down, he actually
had a friend of his who was a police officer who had ran the plates on the car and went to the address and bought it from the owner.
The owner said they had just moved so they didn’t have the title on hand and it was in her old apartment, so they wrote out the new
owner a Bill of Sale. So, the new owner, asked if I wanted to buy the car so I bought it from him for $1,150.00. I did not get a bill of sale
from him, completely caught up with the great deal, purchased a new tire for it and had it put on and went home with it.
Now the funny story, the chick who owned the car left EVERYTHING in it when they dumped it there, photo albums, etc. numerous bills.
and a receipt for a shop for body repair, and salvage title documents in the car. I know now that it’s a salvaged title, I’m okay with that
but, the new owner told me he talked to the old owner two weeks ago that she had lost the title and she filed for a new one. It’s
now been two weeks, and still no title.. I live in Minnesota btw. My question is, what can I do? Am I royally screwed?
Can the new owner that purchased it before me call in the car as stolen? what can I do? 🙁 sorry for the super long story… or is there hope that I can go to the DMV and tell them this super long story and show the documents that it had a salvage title, etc, vin number matched up with the license plate registration that was left in the car.. anyhelp would be much appreciated… thank you so much, again sorry for long story.

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