Caribbean Cruise Free Voucher?

A year ago I was suckered into this like the dumb little college freshie that I was, and now I figure I might as well book the damn thing. I was just wondering if anyone actually GOT onto a boat? I paid the port fee or whatever a year ago, and just spoke with like 4 people an the phone trying to get the information. They finally gave me the website and reservation number, and I’m just gonna go ahead and book it, but I was just wondering if anyone actually ended up actually taking a cruise?

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  1. OC1999 says:

    Yes people actually do end up going on the cruise, and it is an “okay” cruise. Some of the companies have gone to booking people on more main stream cruise lines such as Carnival instead of lines such as Caribbean Cruise Line. While I wouldn’t choose either of those, if you get on Carnival you will have a better time than on Caribbean Cruise Line.
    The problem you most likely find that the dates will be very limited and if you want to change to a different date you will probably have to pay additional money. You will also find that the room class is going to be the cheapest(interior) cabins, and again if you want to upgrade you will have to pay additional fees.
    Once you get past that, depending on the exact cruise and company you may find that you are required to attend various timeshare presentations.
    If you have questions as to the actual cruise what you can do is find out what line/ship you are on and then check sites such as Cruise Critic to find out reviews of them.

  2. luludood says:

    You are not dealing with Royal Caribbean a genuine and respected cruise line.
    If it is a trip to Bahamas it is the TIMESHARE scam which has been running 5+ years.
    Look back through ANSWERS you will see comments almost every week!

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