Carnival Cruise Accident ??

so this morning (2.22.13) my mom saw in the news an explosion or fire or something like that in one of the cruises .. my bf is on the carnival legend and returns this sunday… i tried checking the news website but i cant find anything -_- ! does anyone know anything about this ????? if it was the carnival legend or another cruise ??? please help im really worried

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4 Responses to “Carnival Cruise Accident ??”

  1. PoohBear says:

    There’s been no news about another accident on a cruise ship, Carnival or other cruise line.
    Maybe she was hearing about the fire on the Triumph that was a few weeks ago? The fire knocked out the ship’s engines and power generators which also meant, no more working toilets. By the time the ship was towed back to land, the passengers were describing that the toilets onboard had overflowed, leaving sewage everywhere. Passengers of the “poop cruise” made it back to shore safely, where they received a full refund, a voucher for a free cruise, and an additional $500. Lawsuits are being filed anyways.

  2. Burt. says:

    Your mom heard wrong! She must have just now heard about the Carnival Triumph that had a problem 2 weeks ago.
    If there was a problem on another Carnival ship it would be all over the news. You bf is fine and enjoying his cruise.

  3. Artemisc says:

    Are you really that unaware of the news? It was last week and it was the Triumph.

  4. which one? says:

    it was on the cruise ship triumph, he should be fine. that ship (triumph) is back in the us now…

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