carphone warehouse experience vouchers?

Hi, I have recently claimed my car phone warehouse voucher and went for the £100 holiday vouxhers. The holiday company I have never heard of … Sweets/platinum travel.
Has anyone else had and claimed their voucher yet? Or does anyone have any information on the holiday voucher/companies?


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3 Responses to “carphone warehouse experience vouchers?”

  1. Cowpat says:

    You will also find that when you look more closely the voucher will have numerous terms and conditions and will not be easy to use.

  2. ? says:

    It is a freebie, what did you expect ? I have never heard of them. there is a ‘Sweets Travel’ but they specialise in Lesbian Holidays.

  3. Ramona says:

    Can u please tell the the exact name of the holiday company? Thank you! I have a voucher and i need to see where they are first.

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