cashier for Coliers Wood Marks and spencer?

Dear Sir/Madam
I am Mrs.Emelda Jude Varadaraj .I am interested for applying this job at Marks and Spencer Coliers Wood.
I was a clerk in a department for 13 years in Sri lanka.I got the experiencein IT,delt with public accounts and solving problems. I have good knowledge of manage public computer and accounts.
I love working with the people here. It’s great environnment an it’s a great feeling helping customers around the store.
I am self-motivited,caring,reliable,creative,and enthusiastic and Im think I could offer agreat deal in the Cashier of Marks and Spencer working as part of a team to a provide a happy environment.
I hope you will consider my application & I look forward to hearing from you nin the near future.
Yours Faithfuly
Mrs.E.S.Jude Varadaraj

Name: Mrs.Emelda Sugirthakumari Jude Varadarj
Address: 36 Graham Road,Mitcham, CR4 2HA
NI No:SG 174538C
Nationality: Sri Lankan
Phone no:0208 2860 730 075 3594 3515
Education : in Sri lanka GCE A / Level in London ESOL Level 1 pending result and pass my maths
Level 2

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2 Responses to “cashier for Coliers Wood Marks and spencer?”

  1. timeforbed says:

    I’m very confused why you have put your personal information on this website .

  2. Omar Khan says:

    Why have you left your personal details on yahoo answers. This is a conman’s wet dream.

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