Cats Not Getting Along. Help!?

Okay so we recently got a stray male cat. We already had one female kitten that is inside and outside and was a stray and another male cat we have had for 7-10 years. We’ll they both go outside but the new male does not come inside. She is scared of him or something and stays inside most of the day. When she needs to go out to potty, or wants to go out to play she first goes to the window then growls all the way to the door. When you open it we have to hold the new male cat or she won’t go out. When she does she hisses and runs away. Neither are spayed or neutered because we don’t have the extra money right now. What should I do?
Ps. Sorry for so much detail!

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3 Responses to “Cats Not Getting Along. Help!?”

  1. Mamma Cat says:

    All I can say is that they need to be spayed/neutered now or you will have more animals to feed and care for.
    Call you local shelter about a low cost spay neuter program. Some shelters even give you free vouchers for spay/neuter.
    The cats need to be introduced slowly, starting with smell and then seeing each other. Cats don’t usually become bffs when a new cat comes into their territory.

  2. Wanted says:

    Call Jackson Galaxy

  3. /Users/Dave/Pictures/IPhoto Libr says:

    Cats do not like to meet new cats. Give them time and hope for the best.

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