Caught Stealing At Work. What’s Gonna Happen?

So I tried to cancel a return but it went through. The customer didnt want to do it anymore. But it went through. I was having an awful day and just decided to put the store credit in my pocket and maybe use it for myself later. I did that night. I only bought a pair of sucks and nail polish. There was $50 on it. I felt so bad when I got home that I tore the store credit up and was incredibly ashamed.
This was months ago. This week at work my manager confronted me about this. I said it was so long ago that I don’t remember anything and that I must have got it mixed up with a store credit that I had had before when I had returned some dresses. I got a call yesterday’s saying I was basically put on leave for the rest of this week while they investigate. I was so mad and scared that I gave my job 2 weeks notice because I said I couldn’t handle all this stuff anymore because they have been getting on my case lately. I was thinking of saying that I didn’t know how post voids worked at the time so I put the voucher in my pocket so I could ask a manager later about how to void it cause it had money on it and then got it mixed up with mine which is why I only used like $10 on it. Cause really, who would use only $10/$50 on money that wasnt even there’s. I just don’t want to be thought of as someone who steals and I don’t want to ruin that job as a reference. I feel awful and have just been crying for days. I can’t believe I did that. Any thought? If I already gave them my two weeks, they can’t fire me, can they?

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4 Responses to “Caught Stealing At Work. What’s Gonna Happen?”

  1. Dev says:

    You can’t be fired because by giving them your two weeks you quit the job. I’m not saying what you did was right, but humans make mistakes. I’d allow them to conduct their investigation and don’t switch your story up any more. Leave it be and finish as gracefully as you can manage. In the future don’t do this again or future employers will automatically think you’re a thief–especially if there are criminal charges filed (I doubt there will be). Stay calm and be as helpful as you can. Good luck, dear. Xoxo

  2. Mickey says:

    they cant just fire you unless they have given you like 3 warnings before hand about whatever you have done wrong to get those warnings …. but if haven’t gotten the warnings yet then there might be a chance , its not easy to just fire someone…there’s a hole process depends really on the terms and condition of the place you work at and the investigation going on….but stealing from work could maybe be quite a bad case….. depends really on the union and there’s a hole process that’s going to take place…but this also puts your reputation at risk , and will come on like your “workers file ” thingy that you “stole” money….. etcccccc if this makes sense…. ( i CAN EXPLAIN MORE IN DEPTH IF YOU WANT?)

  3. Lucas says:

    Oh yes they can. And I bet they will, too.
    Sorry about that.

  4. Matthew says:

    Two things right off – You stole, and lied about it. Not a good thing at all! But certainly not a hanging crime though. As far this job being a referance, REALLY? YOU STOLE from these people and your biggest concern is being able to use them as a “Referance”? SERIOUSLY? Or tell me this whole story is a joke! If this isn’t a joke then “Man Up” !!!!!!!
    Do the right thing. YOU PAY back whatever the people /company lost as a result of your actions, if they lost $50 because of you but you only spent $10 of it you pay them the whole $50 still!! Move on, never make this mistake again, leave these people/company alone. “They” did no wrong to “You”! “You” wronged “Them”! It’s one thing to admit the mistake, are you strong enough to rectify your actions? Now go do what’s right!

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