Caught Using Mum’s Discounted Oyster Card. What Will Happen Now?

one week ago I was caught using my mother’s discounted oyster card. My mother is disabled, I am her carer i.e. the one who applied the discounted card for her, the one who does the majority of her tasks which include taking her to the GP, physiotherapy, fracture clinic etc on a wheelchair. Anyways, I never had the intention of using her oyster card as when I entered the bus I passed my wallet throught the scanner but since my oyster card was 15p short it automatically scanned my mother’s. I tried to explain to the tfl officer that I didn’t have the intention of using hers and that I have always used mine for that travel distance (I gave them my usual oyster card and they will find out that I was going from the same destination point to the same bus top everyday for the past month) and that this card was used by mistake one that morning and never used before and that I wasn’t aware it was in my wallet since I the last time I took her to the appointment I scanned her card and put it in the wallet in a rush because the bus started moving and had to hold her wheelchair.
Please be advised that I used to work for tfl and I am aware of these regulations and that If I was aware that my mother’s oyster card was in my wallet I would have taken it off and add the 15p that was needed in my oyster card.
What do you think will happen.
Thank you and have a good day

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3 Responses to “Caught Using Mum’s Discounted Oyster Card. What Will Happen Now?”

  1. Stuart says:

    Explain all this if you get a letter from tfl or any other agency. some of these ticket inspectors are right little hitlers You should be ok.

  2. Charbel says:

    im assuming you recieve a fine and if they are going to be real jerks they will probably take away the discounted oyster card from your mother aswell, however, if you have a good case to argue over what had happened, they MAY just issue a fine.

  3. Percyqte says:

    Sit down and write a full explanation of what happened and why. Let them examine both cards so they can see the usage history.
    The all you can do is place yourself at their mercy.

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