Cavan Equestrian Sales..?

Just wondering has anybody ever shown a horse / pony at the Cavan Equestrian Centre Sales? If so does the rider need to wear show gear (white jodhpurs, show jacket etc.) and the horse plaited?

Thankyou to everybody who answers!
It’s the sales, not the show. I’ve never been to Cavan before but my friend asked me to ride his 4year old 14.3hh skewbald filly (she’s stunning!!) and I just wasn’t sure what to wear while riding her around before he takes her into the sales ring.
Magic – no I’m not jumping at the end of June show, I’m hoping to be on holidays somewhere nice and hot that weekend!!

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  1. cla ro says:

    for the sales the horse should be plaited and turned out as best as possible as if for a show.

    the rider should be clean and presentable, but you don’t need to wear show gear.

    many of the riders ride in jeans, although breeches (you can wear dark ones) and boots are better, with a clean jumper or shirt is fine.

    cavan is pretty informal, so don’t worry too much about dressing up, just make sure the horse looks tip top as that is what people are looking at.

    also, cavan’s new rules say that you must always wear a hat with a chin strap while mounted – previously you could warm up without a hat and ride in a beagler, but not anymore.

  2. magic says:

    I haven’t shown there but I’ve watched and yes you need to be looking your smartest!
    Wear all your show jumping gear and have your horse well turned out and plaited.
    Are you jumping at the show on the last weekend of this month?
    Sorry, for sales I’d say just beige/white jods and a smartish jacket or jumper. To make the best first impression, I think plaiting would look nice.

  3. Iona N says:

    is it the cavan sales or horse show???
    for the sales- i’m not 100% sure on what you should wear but what ever shows off your horse best would seem like the best bet, i’d suggest wearing nothing too fancy, but clean and reasonably smart clothes, eg. cream jods and a neat,dark colored jumper, coat…. what’s the horse like that you’re selling(in ireland and looking for a horse, was wondering what’s on the market)??

  4. Alice says:

    I don’t think you need to be in show gear for the sales, but you’de want to be looking smartish, especially the horse.
    One of the guys from the yard I’m working at is going up on wednesday and you can be guaranteed he won’t be in show gear.
    Good luck hope you make a sale! 🙂

  5. charm says:

    no it’s so not dressie, jeans and t-shirt alot wear. some jods and t-shirt. it really isnt dressie, as long as horse is plaited they like there mains and tails to be plaited, and a horse a good weight sells well. but you will see some rought and ready’s too. so just have the horse stunning and tack cleaned and that willo sell him. goodluck

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