Celtic On Toast Anyone? Lol?

Lol! Fantastic.

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7 Responses to “Celtic On Toast Anyone? Lol?”

  1. Loyalist interlopers going the w says:

    lol what will they think of next!

  2. Dan says:

    Aye there was one a while back with the Celtic crest too. So I take it you’re getting one?

  3. com.18 says:

    lol what about Sellic toilet paper,soap and toothpaste for neil.fock it wit aboot WATER…

  4. gAy ToM 33 says:

    I prefer beans thanks.

  5. Tom Fun says:

    That’s a lot of Fun.

  6. lisbon lion 1967 says:

    great idea and eh SPREAD the word lol

  7. Michael says:

    nah it would ruin the bread

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