Center parcs vouchers?

i have just puchased a joblot of Center parcs vouchers on ebay,

i have around 20x – £20 value vouchers.

i have already booked my villa so this will be spending money i.e jugs , beer, horse ride, shows, dinner.

i understand that cash will ot be given as change so on many cases i will need to obviously need to use an lower value voucher and pay the rest in cash.

to make thing easier for myself can i change up some of the £20 vouchers into £10 vouchers?


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2 Responses to “Center parcs vouchers?”

  1. stickyfingers1947 says:

    yes of cause you can,two,ten pound vouchers for one twenty pound voucher,no problem,same value as cash. there you go!! bye byeee!!have a nice holiday!!

  2. ♥Proud Muslimah-Beautiful Islam♥ says:

    I dont think you can.

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