Central Casting – Background Work – Taxes, Dependents, Expempt?

Hi everyone, this will be my first year filing taxes. I am doing background work and don’t make that much money.
On the voucher I get from Central Casting it says “No. Dep.” I always put zero but people recently have told me that I should put 1 or 2. What is the correct number to put there?
Also it says “If claiming exemption from withholding, write exempt and year in box” What does this mean? Should I be filing that part out?
Thank you!

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One Response to “Central Casting – Background Work – Taxes, Dependents, Expempt?”

  1. tro says:

    if you were paid as your other post indicated, nothing would be based on the number of dependents you might claim
    you are probably being paid as an independent contractor and no taxes are withheld from the paycheck, as an independent you are responsible for your own taxes both self employment and income

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