Chances Of Getting Into Ucla? Ec’s Recommendations?

Please I need your help I seem to be in a very good position academically but I am completely lacking in my ECs. I want to transfer to UCLA next year and so far I am doing great but my ECs are lacking to none. I still have a year so any short term things to add to my ECs would be great o I almost forgot I am coming from a CCC which actually does not have a Finance/Business/Entrepreneur/Economics Club and I am in the talks of starting one.
So I would Appreciate any suggestion as for my EC’s and what my chances to get in are. Thank You.
This are my stats:
Transfer School:UCLA
GPA:4.0 Major/NonMajor
(I am confident I will have a 4.0 by Transfer Time)
Sophomore Transfer 2014
At time of transfer=
-Complete IGETC
-Completed all Pre-reqs (but two classes which must been taken in UCLA
since there are no equivalent articulated for both classes in any CCC around.)
-Member of Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society
-Presidents List for perfect GPA
-Deans List
-MESA tutor at current CCC
-Volunteer more than 400 hours playing piano at my church
-Part time job as a sales rep at t-mo
-Hopefully President/Vice President and Founder of any Finance/Business/Entrepreneur/Economics Club at my school

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