change account details in

i have my bank account details registered with for my selling fees. but i would like to do is change the bank account to another bank account for my selling fees.

can some one tell me how i do that?

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4 Responses to “change account details in”

  1. Sal*UK says:

    My Ebay page
    My Account – Personal Information
    Financial Information (next to Bank Account) Edit
    Sign in again and away you go!

  2. peter p says:

    Get in touch with Ebay.

  3. CC Baby! says:

    You need to log onto paypal and go from there, its quite simple.
    But sometimes can take a few days to verify as to prevent fraud.

  4. InCiTe says:

    Hmmm obvious signs of ebay account fraud here… ill be contacting ebay to let them know of this… good luck… See the thing is now that your IP has been registered you can expect the police knocking at your door!

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