Cheap Airline Tickets ? Please Help :/?

So my mom, brother, sister and I are looking for cheap tickets under 140$ from Los Angeles to Minneapolis between the dates of June 28 – July 5 . Im helping my mom look for cheap tickets but so far i haven’t had any luck :/ . Do any of you know any cheap airlines or discounted airline tickets ? I’ve tried websites like Expedia & CheapOAir but the tickets are usually 200$+ . Please help .

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  1. OC1999 says:

    If you found tickets for around $200..if that is for a Round Trip ticket…GRAB THEM. Because of when you are going that is an excellent price. Even as a One-Way ticket that is still a very good price, as most seem to be in the $225-$300 range right now.
    First of all you are looking for flights only a couple of weeks away, which the closer you get the more expensive they are. Next, you are trying to travel on between two Friday’s..that are around a Holiday Week(July 4th) so you are going to pay a premium price because people are going to want to travel.
    If you want to get down into the $140 range you are going to have to look at mid-week(Tue/Wed) flights AFTER the July 4th Holiday week to get anything close. But even then, you are still probably looking at about $150+ prices each way.

  2. Bill says:

    The best you can do is $184 for a one-way ticket July 4 or 5 on Frontier Airlines from LAX or Orange County. There may or may not be a charge for a checked bag.

  3. Neil says:

    With advance planning and careful homework, you might have been able to find this. Might. But at this point, I think you’re about as likely to win the lottery.

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