Cheap Sharpening Stone Help?

so basically i purchased a cheap sharpening stone off amazon here is the link…
im not brilliant at sharpening knifes with a stone but im getting Better but this stone i purchased didn’t come with instructions and i don’t know what to put on it do i use it dry(which i have tried and it doesn’t seem to work) or do i put water or oil on it i hope someone can help also if i need to put oil on it can i use cheap cooking oil coz i don’t have any other oil in my house
(i asked this in the hunting section because most of my knifes are hunting knifes)

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  1. Mr.357 says:

    Oil would probably be the best. A drop or two will do you. Oil is better because it does not dry out as quickly. If you have been using it dry, you may want to scrub it with soap and water to clean it out. Oil, or liquid in general, keeps the cuttings from clogging the pores . Cooking oil will probably work. It may have salt in it that could cause rust on your knife. I would check the oil and see if it mentions salt, and if it does, wash and dry the blade after sharpening. It takes some practice, but that stone should get the job done.

  2. Paco says:

    Some people use water on stones, but I get better results with a light oil, such as a dedicated honing oil, or even a 5 wt. motor oil (stones, NOT diamond hones, use only water, never oil on a diamond hone)… A light oil will cut faster and polish better than water on a stone… Then when I am finished I like to use a “grease-cutting” dish soap and old toothbrush to clean my stone, then dry it completely, before putting it away………….. And a good stone will give better results as far as a polished razor edge, than a “cheap” or “man made materials” stone.

  3. who is #1? says:

    Don’t use oil, it just clogs up the pores.
    Use kerosene. It’s really cheap. Put some on a rag which won’t leave bits of cloth/lint on the stone. It lubricates the works and keeps the pores flushed out.

  4. gray gost says:

    with stones like that all i use is water and a little dish soap. Then when done just wash the the soap off the stone and knife

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