Cheapest Satellite TV – Which is the Best One?

We have up to 9 satellite TV providers in the USA. In order to determine which of them is the cheapest, it will be best to name them, the amount they charge monthly, equipment required for them and other fees chargeable when you subscribe to their services. The satellite TV provider we have are namely dish network, Directv, Glorystar, Spiritcast, Sky Angel, GlobeCast World TV, Home2US, FreeDBS

The prices charged by these television entertainment providers vary from one company to another. The price they charge are not the same, neither should you expect their channels, mode of operation, customer gratification and reliability to be the same. As you are more interested about the cheapest satellite TV provider, lets get down to them.

Spiritcast, Skyangel and Glorystar only broadcast Christian channels. I do not think most persons would want to get watch only Christian channels, as such i will not talks about the prices of these television entertainment providers.

Direct TV charges $29.99 monthly for first time customers for its service. The equipments like dish, DVR, receiver and remote control are given free to first time customers. This leaves you with only a small for installation, it may also be free.

Dish network charges $19.99 monthly for first customers to their TV service. The equipments needed for running the satellite TV is given free to first time subscribers. They offer 100 to 300 television channels depending on the package you plan to go for. Installation is offered free for up to four rooms.

Satellite television is not like cable television in terms of the amount of tax paid. Cable television requires local and state government tax, but this is not always the case for the other one. Even if you are to pay tax for satellite television, it will be much lesser compared to cable TV.

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