Chicken From Tesco Gone Off But Date On It 25th Jan?

Got a big pack of chicken from tesco and I opened it this morning and It has gone off date on it is 25th jan and it 23rd today! I rang and they offered to send a voucher for cost of chicken and that can take up to 14 days. My nearest tesco store takes 50 mins by car. Should they have offered to do more than just a 6 pound tesco only voucher?

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3 Responses to “Chicken From Tesco Gone Off But Date On It 25th Jan?”

  1. Beautiful - says:

    Tbh no, that was enough.
    I’m guessing your not vulnerable, ie old, disabled.
    And If they stocked the meat in correct conditions, with correct labeling then they are in the right to sell that product.
    The fact that it went off once you opened it was very unfortunate and I would imagine very annoying as it will put you out, as you now have to get a refund and buy more meat.
    But if you are not happy with a product a full refund is granted. The offering of gift voucher seems relevant in your case because of the distance you are not willing to travel for a cash alternative.
    As you were not harmed by the product compensation is not valid & paying for transport to their store is a matter for you to sort out.
    Therefore a refund, in your case with vouchers is deemed enough.

  2. Jake says:

    Beautiful is correct

  3. cartel_m says:

    Got fed up with this happening to me….stopped shopping at tesco.
    They do not seem to know how to store their food properly, I’ve had veg, fruit, meat and sausages, bread etc go off on me before use by date.

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