Chicken Quesadilla Recipes Cheaper Than Taco Bell?

I just recently quit my job at Taco Bell for a higher paying job, no more free/cheap discounts =(
At Taco Bell, we take a 12″ tortilla shell, grilled chicken, creamy jalapeno sauce, melted 3-cheese blend, grill it, folding the tortilla shell over and then slice it 3 times (into 4ths)
Problem is, I don’t have the technology that Taco Bell has, just a small conventional oven, and I don’t know how to make or where to get that creamy jalapeno sauce, or how to make such tasty chicken.
It’s $3.50 after tax for 4 slices if you need to know the price.

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2 Responses to “Chicken Quesadilla Recipes Cheaper Than Taco Bell?”

  1. SlapChop says:

    I never made the connection in my mind between Taco Bell and technology lol.

  2. sheloves says:

    At home, I spread salsa on a tortilla shell.. then I sprinkle it with sharp cheddar and diced leftover chicken. Broil in the oven for about 5 minutes..

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