Child trust fund voucher???

I just wondered how and when you get the voucher? My lil one is now 5 months and nothing yet, we have only just started to receive Child Benefit, does that make a difference?
And in your experience/advice which is the best way to go, savings or investments?

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  1. Heather J says:

    I got mine when my son was around three months old (he is now 5 months) but I was very on the ball when it came to filling the form and sent it off when he was around 2 weeks old.

    I’ve put it in savings but I will not be adding to it. My reason for this is that any money paid in cannot be taken out until the child is 18 and I don’t like the idea of the money being stuck in an account all that time. Lots of things could happen in 18 years – school trips, driving lessons etc and I’d prefer the money to be available at any time it is needed.

    The Trust Fund Vouchers are in Nationwide accounts. My two children have an additional account each (Smart to Save) where their savings go.

  2. proud mum to 3 mixed race babies says:

    ooohhh, im not sure, i think you should ring one of the child trust funds (just any) and ask them, they will soon give you a number where to get it. 🙂

  3. Abbii R says:

    You should be receiving it soon. It is sorted out once child benefit is claimed.
    As for what you do with it, It really depends on what suits your family. We put our boys voucher in a Barclay’s Investment account, which the family can pay a certain amount a year in to.

  4. CheyEbz says:

    i put mine into nationwide

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