Childcare Voucher savings?

I’m looking at what kind of tax savings you can achieve by using your employers childcare voucher scheme.

Looking on the web I can’t find any actual examples because it can apparently vary depending on what you earn, type of care etc but they say you can save around £1900 per year.

Has anyone any experience and some real examples of what they save say for example if your childcare is around £150 per week?

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2 Responses to “Childcare Voucher savings?”

  1. shazia7 says:

    i heard, for every £1000 you pay the tax man deducts £300-if you have children you can claim tax credit. With the new childcare vouchers instead of claiming the tax (i.e £300) you can ask for childcare vouchers instead-£300 is worth £1000. So basically, £300 is getting you £1000 worth of childcare. These vouchers can only be redeemed if they accept childcare vouchers. My sister is doing this its so worth it…

  2. cutie says:

    well to be honest i don’t have any examples but I’m also looking into these vouchers and the maximum entitlement you can get is £55 a week
    I’m sorry to repeat this if you already know it!

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