Childcare vouchers scheme in uk?

Hi can someone explain to me how the childcare vouchers work ? I’m returning to work when my daughter will be 9 months and wandered how these worked. Thanks

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  1. jackie m says:

    UK – you apply for it through the government and you will only get a percentage of the nursery fees and you will have to pay the rest of it, try the direct gov website for childcare vouchers – basically if your company gives you childcare vouchers they deduct the money from your salary before tax and ni and you also have to pay the additional cost to the nursery, you are better off claiming child tax credits but you cannot claim both of them, Good Luck

  2. carol says:

    Only some work places offer the vouchers but you can get upto 175 a week to help with nursery fees if you work over 16 hours a week(soon to change to 24 hours) there is not a limit how much you get for it but it is means tested, you can only apply for it the week before the child starts.

  3. Lizzy says:

    My company provides financial support in form of childcare vouchers although I’m not sure how much.

    The company pays the nursery directly and then takes the cost out of my wages before tax and national insurance

  4. Kelly W says:

    I work as a nanny and I get paid partly in childcare vouchers.
    It all depends on the company you as the parent work for, some do it, some dont. You just have to ask.
    If you need to pay £100 a month in childcare (I know this is little, but it works for the explanation) you can pay in childcare vouchers, i.e the company you work for take £100 out of your salary before tax and pays the childcare provider, or if not using vouchers you pay £100, but this is out of your salary after tax so in theory it is cheaper with the childcare vouchers as you get £100 to spend on childcare taxfree.
    I get mine paid through Edenred, Im not sure if they are the main one that deals with the vouchers or just one of many, but it is they that are stated on my bankstatement. I am also not sure if there is a limit to how many pounds you can claim for it, but ask the company you work for if they do them and ask your childcare provider if they accept them. Anyone registered with Ofsted should and since all childcare providers have to you are fairly safe in finding one that do. Apart from Nannies as they can choose to be on the voluntary register or not and wont be able to accept vouchers unless they are on that.

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