childcare vouchers when returning to work?

I am wanting to return to work after my maternity leave, i understand you can get help with childcare costs. But i dont understand how they work it out and who gets how much. I have tryed to work it out on the childcare vouchers calculator but its asking me how much my employer is offering in vouchers, i never knew they did. How much do they normally offer and do they all offer, or is it just some jobs. Im so confussed about this. thanks very much for taking the time to read and reply.x

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  1. missyc says:

    hi i am a childminder and one of my parent uses childcare vouchers. i had to register with the company so they could pay ne through my bank. from what i gather, she has so much money taken out her wages to pay me and she does not have to pay tax on this amount of money she pays for childcare. i think her employer pays something too but don’t know how much. i think the company you work for should offer childcare vouchers for you to use them

  2. dahozho says:

    Well, good luck with that. I don’t know of any private sector jobs that have these.

    Sorry, most people are SOL when it comes to childcare vouchers. Where I live, "licensed" day care providers are regulated as to the rates they charge. I wasn’t happy with any of them and my neighbor/friend took care of my child until old enough for preschool. I paid more, but it was worth it.

    It depends on where you work, but usually I hear about them from Federal workers. Must be nice…

  3. asrai says:

    A daycare will have information about applying for assistence. It will depend on your income level, martial state. Often if you are not with the child’s father you will have to attempt to get support for him.

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