Choosing the Best Shag Rug

Choosing the best shag rug for your home can be a lot of fun. Shag rugs are making a comeback and there are so many different styles, sizes, colors, and materials to choose from, so whether your home is contemporary, traditional, modern, or retro, with a little bit of legwork, you are bound to find the perfect rug to complement your home decor. When shopping for a rug of your own, there are a few key factors that you should consider, and they include:

Nowadays, you can pretty much find a shag rug in any color, including black, brown, white, red, green, pink, and all varying shades in between, making it much easier to find a hue that blends in nicely with your other room decor.

You may have already decided on a color if you plan on buying a rug for a particular room. If not, then you should consider what type of decor is presently in the room where you would like the rug to be. Do you have plans to buy new furniture soon or move furniture around? If you are contemplating a complete re-design of the room, then you may want to wait on deciding which color you will go with until the furniture in your room is set.

Another option would be to purchase a rug with a color that will match a lot of different types of decor. For instance, if most of your home has earthy tones, then perhaps a brown shag rug would be appropriate because it will match most of your house decor regardless of which room you are in. If your home is more modern with stainless steel appliances and glass furniture, then maybe a bold white or black rug would fit in nicely.

Shag rugs are made in a wide variety of different material, including wool, chenille, sheepskin, leather, olefin, and even recycled t-shirts! When choosing a material you should take into consideration a few different things. Will the rug be located in a high traffic area? If so, then you will want it to be made of durable material that can withstand a lot of foot traffic. Olefin, or another type of synthetic material, may be your best choice. If your plan is to use a shag rug to add warmth to a room, then a high pile flokati rug may be an option to consider. Flokati rugs are made of 100% wool and come in piles as high as four inches, adding softness and warmth to any room.

Size will be a large factor when choosing the right shag rug, and will be dependent upon where you plan on putting it. Will it be used as a runner for a long hallway or will it need to be large enough to cover the hardwood flooring underneath a dining room set? Would you like it to be round, square, or rectangle? Is it going to confined to a particular room or would you prefer a more versatile size that will allow you to move it to different spaces? Whatever your criteria may be, finding an optimally sized should not be an issue since most styles of rugs come in various shapes and sizes.

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