Choosing Your Carpet Or Rug Color

Choosing a color for your floor often seem like a daunting task because there are so many colors to choose from and color trends have changed. So here are some basic tips for choosing the color of your next carpet or rug.

When choosing a color for your new carpet, never trust the color you see in the carpet design center or establishment retailer. Most commercial carpet or rug outlets fluorescent lighting, which can deceive your eyes. Fluorescent lighting can change your perception of certain colors, especially colors are blue or gray. Whenever possible, borrow a sample board with at least two or three of the colors that appeal to you and take them home. Now you can see them as they appear in your lighting and setting and get a better idea of ​​what will fit your final choice in your home design. I often have people in our design center with a cushion, fabric swatch or other item of their decor that they would come to match or compliment, and this is a good starting point. However, always a sample to take home, so you can see how it will look in your home.

Another thing to remember when choosing flooring colors is to consider your walls. The color of your walls will often affect the color of your new carpet or vice versa. I had just such an opportunity with a client not too long ago. She decided on a neutral beige color for her carpet. After the installation was completed its beige color seemed to take on a pink tint. Her first thought was that we were the wrong color had installed in her house, so I took the sample plate with her chosen color and went to her house for inspection. The carpet turned out exactly the color they had been elected. But her new paint choice, which was in the light burgundy or rose arena gave the impression that her new carpet had also added a blush color. This was due to the refracting of the walls and of influence on the color of the carpet. Although the color looked down, she was still happy with her choice because it blended perfectly with its cherry wood furniture. Please do not allow this to scare you about making your color choice. Remember in the use of light or neutral color shades they will take on the shades of their environment.

There is only one truly drastic mistake you can make when choosing the color of your floor and that is choosing a color that overwhelms your room. If people notice the color of your floor more than the colors that you have decorated or accessorized with then you have a problem. If you choose a color that is too light or a color that clashes with your walls, window treatments and furniture and it jumps out at you when you walk in the room, you’ve made a mistake. That is why I prefer the more modern colors that are deeper, bolder and use more muted. Trying to decorate with bright pastel colors can be a challenge to say the least and sometimes you end up with an effect that the color palette you were planning on shooting. Deeper and more muted colors tend to blend well with their surroundings and almost never overwhelm your hard work in the design of your home.

Always use complementary colors. If you are unsure about how the colors blend together in a complementary way, you can use a simple tool to refer to artists what color will complement each other. This tool is called a color wheel. The initial aim is to find out what to mix colors in order to achieve paint with a specific color, but it can be a very effective tool for decorating. You can buy a simple color wheel of a good art supply store. But there are now a number of hi-tech ways to check complementary colors. When you go online you can get several tools that help you to find colors that compliment each other. There are even tools that will choose for your entire color scheme for you. We have some examples of these tools and how to use them on our website.

choosing color for carpets is different than choosing color for wall to wall carpet. Rugs are most often used as accent colors to compliment your design, but there are situations where all funds use the same rules as when you have a large area rug or when you use a carpet segment or define one area of ​​the room as a separate design scheme than the rest of the room.

In what way you use it, the color is going to make or break the overall design plans so do not be afraid to use it to your advantage. Just follow a few simple rules and always use your instinct (Your first instinct is usually your best), and do not be afraid to make a statement. Use some bolder colors and colors with more depth. This will make a lasting impression on those you decorate for leave. Those you love and care about making a rich and perceptive environment to live in.

Source by Charles Beason

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