Christmas Gift Ideas For Mum?

I’m having real trouble for thinking of gifts for my mum for christmas. I want to paint her something, but just giving her that is really lousy so I want to get her some extra things too. I have no idea what though. My stepdad told me to just browse amazon, not with anything in mind and I’m bound to come across stuff she’ll like but…I don’t even know where to start browsing! She’s really difficult to buy for. She likes books, but she’s going to get a lot of kobo vouchers so there’s no point in buying her a book.. I’m trying to think of little knick knacks, but I know she doesn’t like little statues and hardly wears jewellery and make up. I was going to get her a nice thick blanket because she has a snuggie but it’s not very thick, but she never really uses blankets. she ends up putting them on random stuff. As for chocolate, I know people have already got her some…

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  1. Crystal says:

    handmade gifts

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