Christmas Help!!! :s?

Hey so I am 15 and my dad keeps asking what I’d like for Christmas. Usually people receive surprises presents and things, but we are quite a large family so giving presents that people don’t want is too expensive… Right so we all give each other a present and I know all my siblings (that are old enough) have got my presents, but my dad has no idea and he has got everyone else’s…
I usually get relatively cheap gifts from everyone else (again we are a big family) so my dad gets me like a main present type thing if you get my drift… And I have no idea what to ask for!! He will just get me a laptop or something electrical if I don’t tell him something and I’m not allowed money at Xmas as ‘its not a gift’.
My siblings have gotten me a couple of sale DVDs and CDs, some bits of makeup and chocolate (as usual from my brother), and my mum has already bought me some horse riding stuff for my horse. Erm any ideas?

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One Response to “Christmas Help!!! :s?”

  1. Seven says:

    Let him buy you a laptop! Get a mac book pro? Those are really good by Apple! Or if you like horses you should get a book about horses or something? Ask for clothes? a new phone? Make-up? Nail polish? new swim suit? new sun glasses? gloves? socks? perfume?deoderant?

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