Christmas Present Ideas For My New Man..good Or Bad!?

We are going out 6 months come christmas, I am 25 and he is 30 and with him being so academic I am finding it hard to find things that might interest him so I have decided to put together a box with lots of different little things in it.
For example I have put in a dvd “the way” because he told me on one of our first dates he would like to walk the camino….then I put in an oil diffuser with ginger and sage oil as he told me as we drank ginger tea last week that its good for colds etc (and he does get under the weather a bit with work) and I am thinking of putting in a nice voucher for a top class restaurant worth about €150 as he enjoys food and it is something we can do together.
I might put in another few bits and pieces but could anyone tell me….am I going along the right track!
so…..what do you think……I just want him to know I care (and listen)

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2 Responses to “Christmas Present Ideas For My New Man..good Or Bad!?”

  1. Will says:

    Coming from a fellow man… We like cologne

  2. Blessed says:

    sounds good to me
    also you can add an article of clothing
    and a book on a subject he likes

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