Christmas Present Ideas Girl?

I know I am very fortunate ok? I sponsor 3 children in third world countries and donate very regularly so don’t tell me to donate, I donate really often.
Well, Christmas is coming up, and I don’t know what to ask for from my parents, I can spend as much as I want , like $1000 – $3000 ? I already have a MacBookPro, all the iPods, iPhone 4s, PS3, Wii, Plasma, Straightener, Curler, hair products and I already have a hobby and daddy buys me everything I want for that, I already have tiffanys, mimco, juicy couture jewellery, and designer bags and clothes and a camera I really don’t know what I want to ask for! Thanks for your suggestions!!!! xoxoxox
P.S Please don’t say vouchers!!! And I already get lots of money in my bank account for my birthday anyway:)
I hate animals, so no pets:) and also I have been to every continent in the world (except antarctica) and I can go anywhere I want to travel whenever. I get tickets to wherever I want to go e.g. I have box tickets to the basketball and football and this year I met Justin Bieber because I like one of his songs:) but yeah

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2 Responses to “Christmas Present Ideas Girl?”

  1. Ben says:

    well, thats kinda hard to answer. Seems like you have everything you would want. My suggestion however, is to buy something that will benefit you in a long run. Something that will never get old and can give you money. Try buying stocks in companies that will give you money sometimes. It’s just a suggestion. Either that or get into a new hobby, maybe play card games, play games, ect. If you don’t any of that, my last suggestion is get your mom and dad to buy you a X-Box and buy xbox live with it and some games.
    Hope this helps

  2. wynette0 says:

    Are you looking for an honest answer or bragging? if you already have everything then maybe you could actually repay your parents back for spoiling you and buy them something..give them something for once

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