Citizen Watch Review – A Review of the Citizen Eco Drive Watch

I purchased this Citizen watch through Amazon and it even showed up prior to the estimated delivery time. I really like this watch, it appears far better in person compared to images online. The quality is excellent plus the hands calibrate flawlessly. The luminova is consistently utilized and endures a long time, which can be through the entire night, which was a pleasant surprise.

Really the only part I am dissatisfied with is the fabric wrist band. I found this strap mildly uncomfortable. I'm positive it is acceptable for other people, yet the black leather wrist band for under $ 30 will no longer appear to be a cheap watch and compliments the timepiece perfectly. You can find a wrist strap like this on Amazon, Ebay, and offline.

One little issue concerning the Eco-drive watch that various other critiques have addressed incorrectly is that the Citizen Eco drive products do include a solar battery. This solar battery holds power in the rechargeable titanium-manganese solar battery. The solar battery should work many years, say Citizen technicians whom estimate that even following Two decades the battery will keep 80% of charge capacity (as reported on their web page), however time will certainly tell.

Regarding time telling, this wrist watch is quite precise. I have owned the watch for around thirty days and throughout that time it has been off below a single second in comparison with the united states time provided by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). In conclusion: it is a wonderfully built watch which i think is well worth the purchase.

Source by Kenny Duval

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