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Many people adore classic watches mostly because of their miniature and fine-tuned mechanisms. Most Swiss models are more expensive than a brand new car. In fact, some Swiss Automatic watches cost about $30,000.

Stauer Company, on the other hand, was able to replicate this by selling Automatic Swiss watches for only $199. They were able to do this by coming up with Swiss machinery and hiring Swiss trained engineers. With this, Stauer was able to guarantee Monaco automatic timepieces 93% less than the luxurious price of the authentic models.

Stauer Company supposedly bought more than $30 million worth of Swiss machinery, ensuring the highest quality parts. They also bought Swiss calibrators to guarantee the accuracy of their timepieces. It is also made from the 6-hand movement technology. It can even display the day of the week and the date. There is also a 3rd interior dial that displays a 24hr military time. What’s more, it doesn’t need batteries because it has an exquisite automatic movement powered by the body’s motion.

The timepiece’s interior workings have more than 185 parts that can be assembled by hand. It has 24 rubies that minimize the friction of the rotors and gears which enable the movement maintain an incredible amount of accuracy.

Each watch has its time set 15 days prior to leaving the factory. This is evident with the 2nd hand’s smooth sweeping motion. It also doesn’t click.

This means that with Stauer, you can afford a luxury watch without the very high price. Stauer Monaco watches are really a stunning addition; with additional thirty day money back guarantee and a three year manufacturer’s warranty.

Due to the watch’s handmade style, 21 up to 28 days are needed for the delivery. Imagine a watch as unique and individually conceptualized as you. Regardless of a man’s hobbies and career, watches are important to every person. If you will be giving this as a gift, you will be able to determine the perfect type of watch for the person if you will think about his or her likes and dislikes.

With all the styles and varieties if watches in the market, finding the best is by putting into consideration it’s style, use and need. Classic watches, though pricey are simple but timeless. They are in silver, gold and platinum varieties. You will find elegance and sophistication on them as well as with the person wearing it. Amidst their price, they will last for a very long time.

For avid hunters, a sports watch is the perfect choice. These watches are not only shock proof, they are also rugged. They also showcase features like underwater and stopwatch capabilities.

For history buffs, you can go vintage. You will find antiques like pocket watches and those that come from the early American era. Although they are hard to find, you can find several replicas available in the market.

For those who are seeking a watch you plan to use occasionally, this is where classic watches are best suited for. These watches are excellent for blue-collared workers who like to dress-up and unwind during the weekends.

For people who frequent the gym, sports watches are their thing. This is because of features like underwater ratings and stopwatches that can help make his workout faster.

A wristwatch, particularly a classic watch is really a perfect gift for that special man in your life. There are several varieties you can choose from. There are brands that have come a long way. By paying attention to your ma’s needs and wants, you will be able to find the perfect watch he can use for a long, long time.

Source by David Urmann

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