Cleaning Wool Rugs at Home – Use Cleaners Recommended by Professionals to Avoid Rug Damage

Cleaning wool carpets at home is possible, as long as the process is done carefully. Wool carpets can be washed at home with water. Many manufacturers specific instructions that can be used to clean the carpet well done without damage. You can wash small to medium-sized rugs, larger carpets should always be cleaned by a commercial carpet cleaning company. They are difficult to handle and it can be very difficult to get them completely dry. A large rug can mildew when not dried and destroy the carpet. When cleaning small to medium rugs, you need to remove as much excess water as possible and dry both sides of the carpet.

Vacuum your wool carpet before the washing process. Please contact a carpet cleaning company to determine what to use for spot treatment of the blanket. Transfer the spot treatment to ensure a less visible area of ​​the carpet that is no damage it. Then treat all regions colored or heavily polluted. Lay the carpet on a paved who clean and moisten it with a hose. Mix two cups of a mild detergent in a bucket filled with cold water. Next, tap to create the mixture to a uniform solution. Take a clean sponge or cloth and wipe the carpet with the solution. The carpet must be rinsed well and towels can be used to remove most of the water.

The drying should be a top priority and done correctly to ensure the carpet lasts. The washed carpet should be laid flat to dry. Start by drying over the carpet. Do not leave it in direct sunlight for a long period of time. This may cause the color to fade, and may shrink the carpet. Once the top of the carpet is dry, turn it so that the soil is completely dry also. If the bottom of the carpet not have to be completely dry, can prevent dry rot. Dry rot is a condition where the carpet actually worsens and weakened due to prolonged exposure to water and other substances.

If you do not have the area to clean your carpet or are afraid of damage, it is best to leave carpet cleaning for someone who has experience. This is especially so if your rug is an antique or an authentic hand-woven carpet from another country. These rugs are very vulnerable and a commercial carpet cleaning company able to care for them without discoloration or other hazards will be. Professional cleaners have large equipment that can distribute evenly and remove all the treatment and cleaning of the carpet. Carpets are dried in a hanging position to allow complete drying of both sides. The cost of a large or valuable carpet cleaned can be much less than having to replace those damaged. You need to be well informed before cleaning wool carpets at home. Learn what cleaning products and chemicals are applied to the carpet and the recommended cleaning a well cleaned and protected carpet guarantees.

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