Cod Black Ops 2 Season Pass?

Does the season pass give you the map packs coming out for free like you pay the 50 bucks then you can download them all for free or do you still have to pay say 200 microsoft points for each new map pack. because i dont wanna waste my money if it only gives you a discount

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2 Responses to “Cod Black Ops 2 Season Pass?”

  1. Mr_J526 says:

    You are paying for all of the DLC provided by the pass when you buy the pass. The discount is that buying the Season Pass costs less than buying each of the DLC separately. You will not have to pay for the DLC provided by the pass again after you buy the pass.

  2. You says:

    The Season Pass for Call of Duty: Black Ops II gives you free map packs when they are released. They are usually released first to Season pass members than a month later open to the public to buy.

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