Coin Star Machine Questions?

1) what is the maximum amount of cash you can get from the cash voucher
2) what happens if it comes out to be millions of dollars from the cash voucher where do you go to get the millions of dollars then

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One Response to “Coin Star Machine Questions?”

  1. S says:

    The Coinstar machines are located inside commercial establishments, and per the website…
    “Simply pour your coins into the coin machine, get your cash voucher, then cash it in at the store (location) checkout or use it for your purchases there.”
    If you were to have one million dollars in change, and the machine be capable of holding that amount, then a cash voucher for approximately $900,000 would be issued. (Remember there is a fee for every dollar Coinstar converts.) As the business where the Coinstar machine was located would never be able to cash a voucher for that amount, you would have to spend the cash voucher a little at a time, making purchases from the business.

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