Collapse Of Jessops, Can I Get My Money Back?

I’m another victim of the collapse of jessops. I left a deposit for goods I will never get luckily only a deposit £168. Now since I’m a small fish in a big creditors pond I now I will be lucky to get my money back from price Waterhouse coopers, the administrators. However I want to go after the man in charge at the time Neil Old as he and his company would have known it was about to go under, which did not halt them from taking deposits, selling gift cards/ vouchers etc. So can I take Neil Old to small claims court personally?
I understand I might loose, but would make me feel better? Jessops was under Snap Equality LTD. I have recently checked companies house and they have not gone into liquidation yet???

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One Response to “Collapse Of Jessops, Can I Get My Money Back?”

  1. @Kirsty@ says:

    May make you feel better but will cost you more money! How did you pay your deposit? If it was by credit or debit card you can claim in back through your bank if it was cash your pretty much stuffed!
    They cover themselves, he worked under the company name, you paid the company the deposit, not him personally! ! I lost out a few years back when fairpak went under and lost £450, bit of a punch in the guts and totally unfair but like you said were small fish and won’t get nowhere near back what was paid out 🙁

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