Come On Gang, A Big Hoorah For The Spiffing Chaps At Yahoo?

Lets give these splended good eggs a pat on the back for their generous Christmas present to us all. Jolly good show.…

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11 Responses to “Come On Gang, A Big Hoorah For The Spiffing Chaps At Yahoo?”

  1. JBKS_10 says:

    Wow….could have sent us a voucher ..after all without us they wouldnt have a job..

  2. juneybea says:

    TL will you be my BFF like you lets have a nice Christmas party on Yahoo q and a cos life is so dull at the moment lets have a wee laugh xx

  3. Blastedv says:

    A celebratory “Booty Dance” is in order.
    Shake it,move it,make that thing WORK!
    Go Yahoo!

  4. Di says:

    Unlimited answers would be nice as rationing doesn’t work for me.

  5. Dorothy and her shiny troll stam says:

    Now I hope they read my Christmas list as they are feeling generous.
    Oooops….season of goodwill to most but not all…..well nobody is perfect …lol.

  6. old grumpy says:

    My wife said, that it will save her buying me a Xmas present then.

  7. Nutsters says:

    Hip Hip Hooray.

  8. Paine says:

    Jolly hockey sticks, they are good sports. Toodle pip, Paine.

  9. SW11 says:

    FOUR points an answer! Whoopy bleedin’ do.

  10. S-M says:

    Wooohoooo, does that mean i’ll get my sparkly new badge soon ??

  11. Turbo T says:

    If you squint at the picture it looks like a bisto gravy advert..or is that just me ?

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