Commission in vouchers rather than cash?

Is there any tax benefit or other benefit to paying employees commission in vouchers rather than cash. My partner currently recieves his commission in cash but after tax we dont see that much of it, we’d rather have it in vouchers for like Tesco’s or somewhere to make a difference to our financial situation. His boss has agreed only if we can find a way it benefits the company. Does anyone know of anyways it benefits them? Thanks

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One Response to “Commission in vouchers rather than cash?”

  1. Cala B says:

    It wouldn’t really benefit the company because it is still classed as income and your employer should still declare it to the tax man and you will be taxed on it as if it was cash in your wage packet. It wouldn’t make any difference to you, your partners normal wage would just be adjusted to show the deduction for the tax due on the vouchers.

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