Compact 2 Servo Motor With X & Y Axis Controller?

I’m on week two trying to figure this out. As a side note, I have no programing experience, and I have never done anything like this before.
With that said, I am trying to make a small portable two servo motor device controlled with a small (palm size or smaller) joy stick. Something that can fit in my pocket (slim and discrete), and is battery powered.
I’ve been reading up on using a wii nunchuck to control two servo motors, but all the DIYs so far have been very confusing with little to no images for a beginner like me. And it looks like all of them use an Arduino board (which is a bit too big for the application I want to use it for)
I’ve also found this, but with little information or reviews so I don’t know if I need any extra devices other than the servo motors and battery power. (its small, but I’m looking to go smaller).…
Can anyone help me? Show me some easy to follow DIYs? Or even if there is a kit for sale that falls along the lines of what I’m looking for?
Or if there is even a toy out there that I could take apart (but so far i’ve only found ones with a single servo). Or a small pan-tilt device with a small controller.

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  1. civil_av says:

    You can buy everything you need at HobbyTown USA.

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