Complete Sound System For Car Audio?

hello, i have been looking for options on my SUV to upgrade from the stock sound system. im planning to get a new head unit, component speakers, a new amp and a subwoofer. i would like to base it definately around the Pioneer DEH-X6500BT… and the subwoofer i would like to include for starters is the sound ordnance b-12… if anyone has any better suggestions for roughly the same price, please share.
but the big things im unsure about are the amplifier and the component speakers. which component speaker would be the best bang for my buck, and same goes for the amplifier. also what amplifier will accommodate the sound ordnance b-12 perfectly. my SUV is the ford explorer xlt 1998 4 door WITHOUT mach audio with fm/am radio, cassette, and cd player for compatibility checks. thanks for any suggestions
also, i am not looking to go to the extreme,please dont tell me i need at least 2 12s or a 15 sub lol. im just trying to have that extra bass and in my opinion even a 10 is extremely powerful. i just don’t know your guys standards.

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