Completely backless top/dress/bodysuit?

I am looking for a top, dress or bodysuit (it doesn’t matter which) which is completely backless (or as much as possible.
I have a full back tattoo which pretty much covers my entire back and I am having a photoshoot so want to show as much of it as possible. It covers from my neck and shoulders right down to the very base of my back.
Please help me find something…perhaps similar to this:

as cheap as possible and with as much support at the front as possible as I won’t be wearing a bra.

Most importantly, with as much back showing as possible.

This is a picture of my tattoo before it was finished to give you an idea…

Tree Tattoo

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2 Responses to “Completely backless top/dress/bodysuit?”

  1. happy harry says:

    Try wearing a belt

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