Confusion About Free UK Television in Spain – Freeview Or Freesat?

Many people-including your satellite installers in Spain confused Freeview and Freesat. If a satellite TV installers are unable to Tre Archi terminology have correct, just no wonder the British expatriates in the Costas in Spain get more and more confused about how to receive UK TV in Spain.

As British expats moving to the warm coastal areas of southern Spain in the Mediterranean, they find it frustrating that they do not look nice for the British TV program The forth as BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4 and Channel 5, or other 100plus other British TV channels-including servers, Sports, movies and news, which are available for free two sight. Manager and staff They try local Spanish watch television, some feel the quality of programs, the Spanish television is not as good as the British TV, they do not show much popular British TV programs The equally Coronation Street or EastEnders, and not It all programs are available in English (manager and staff switch two digital terrestrial TV – TDT – has meant a lot more UK and US imported programs They are available in English.)

[1999. 002] Freeview is a free digital TV package That ice available two people in the UK. It’s not as many people say, available outside the UK, particularly Spain. You can not receive Freeview in Spain. Freeview is a UK only digital television system that is emitted from the land-based television transmission towers, just Emley Moor and Crystal Palace. The signals from terrestrial transmitters These two are not strong enough to reach Spain.

Many British TV channels are available on “free to air” satellite. British expatriates in Europe Tre Archi watch favorite UK TV channels for free via the free to air satellite in Spain. Free to air meansthat there is no monthly subscription fee two, unlikes the pay TV channels offered on satellite packages offered by Sky TV.

Freesat is the name of a brand of satellite receivers Designed to receive these free to air UK satellite TV. You can also use a Sky digibox or digital satellite receiver to receive free to air signals. A Sky digibox without a viewing card will still be comfortable two received BBC and ITV channels, and all channels a Freesat receiver can receive.

You can much of the United Kingdom to receive free to air TV channels sett with a small satellite dish and a digital satellite set-top box. However, due to the frequencies used, the main UK TV channels, etc. as BBC and ITV February unavailable on this small dish antennas, and the much larger satellite dishes will be required, of two 1.8m 2.4m.

Spain has his own version of Freeview, called Digital Terrestrial Television – TDT. Using a TDT set-top box, you’re comfortable two receiving around 30 digital Spanish television channels via your TV antenna on your roof. The digital aspect allowsa much knew picture than the old analog television system, and has the ability change two of the Spanish dubbing soundtrack on British and US imported programs from the original version in. It should also ask Noted That some UK “Freeivew” set top boxes do not work correctly in Spain, if they are programmed for British television and not the TDT service.

Source by Jon Worby

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