Connect Led Strip Lights To Speakers?

Hi I have this Philips speaker system
And I was wondering is there anyway that I can connect a LED strip light to them so they flash to music, I have watched some videos on YouTube but they are mostly to do with car speakers (but I do have a positive and negative connection on the back of my system like most of the car systems do) so I was just wondering is there anyway I can have a set up for the LEDs to flash to music
Also would it be safe or would the surge of power damage my system

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One Response to “Connect Led Strip Lights To Speakers?”

  1. tom7rail says:

    Your home system + and – is not the same as battery positive and negative, they are just so you can wire the speakers the right way round. LEDs usually need a controller with its own power supply where you connect an audio signal which triggers the controller to make the lights work. Some people with powerful amplifiers sometimes find a way to connect LEDs without a controller so you may find a way on Youtube. But make sure it’s a home system not a car one. Personally I’d say if you have a good sound system don’t mess about with it, get an LED light set with a controller.

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