Conservatives And Libertarians: What Do You Think Of This Economic Plan?

NOTE: Liberals, please do not troll on this question. I’ll report anyone who does.
Here are the basic points:
(*) Start with a 20% across-the-board income tax cut, and cut the payroll tax in half. Reduce capital gains taxes, as well.
(*) Once the economic growth kicks in and the new tax revenue from the increased economic output begins eating away at the deficit, start working on spending cuts.
— Cut the military budget, but not senselessly or in a way that reduces our military might. Instead, get top military leaders and businessmen to review the military budget and streamline everything, removing any excess waste or inefficiency. Make everything possible cost less without reducing military power.
— Defund all parts of ObamaCare.
— Implement Ryan’s premium support/voucher system for Medicare.
— Make a new privatized Social Security program. Temporarily run the new and old programs together, allowing existing users who so choose to remain in the old program until death, but placing all new members into the new system. Include in the legislation a provision to require that the program be relegislated to continue after 30 years.
— Scrap all federal programs that an independent review board deems useless.
— Reduce regulations on major US industries.
(*) Once the economy has improved substantially, pass the FairTax. If the FairTax should fail to gather support, use the Heritage Foundations Flat Tax proposal instead.
More would come in time, but this is what I’d outline for the first 4-8 years.

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2 Responses to “Conservatives And Libertarians: What Do You Think Of This Economic Plan?”

  1. Edgar says:

    A step in the right direction. Much more would still need to be done.
    I’d go straight to the flat tax – somewhere in the 15% – 18% range with exemptions for the TRULY poor.

  2. Tringle says:

    In order to stop this from happening again, you also have to get rid of the federal reserve so the government can’t spend what they don’t have. If they want to bailout a bank for 500 billion they have to raise taxes on everyone instead of just printing money out of nothing. I’ll bet people would be a little more angry if they see their taxes go up because a bank handed out a ton of bad loans because they knew the tax payers would take on their debts. People don’t notice it when congress just prints money for spending and uses the tax of inflation to charge people more.

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