Conservatives How Do You Plan On Paying For Your Healthcare When You Are 70+?

All conservative plans include vouchers for seniors.
How much do you think your healthcare will cost you out of pocket per year after age 70 if republican plans go into effect.
If you don’t know how can you be qualified to have an opinion on whether or not it’s good for you?

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8 Responses to “Conservatives How Do You Plan On Paying For Your Healthcare When You Are 70+?”

  1. Mandi Lynn says:

    Well, I guess since I am so far from 70 (being only 27), I will worry about that when it gets a little closer. We all know Medicare is bankrupting this country. I’m sure it will no longer be around by 2055 when I’m 70.

  2. Bill_the says:

    all cons are self-made millionaires, didn’t you know?
    and we know investments never tank

  3. W.C. says:

    I’m 52 now. I’m not going to pay for my health care when I turn 70 – You are! Thanks in advance! It’s called Medicaid and Medicare!

  4. civil_av says:

    Medicare is set to be bankrupt well before I hit 70 anyways. By the time I do hit 70 the politicians will probably have pushed the retirement age up to 85.

  5. y says:

    Sorry fo most, it won’t matter. It won’t be there when they are 70. For myself, I’m screwed, they already reduced my benefits and increased my retirement age. By the time I’m there, we will be paying for not changing it now and I’ll be part of the screwed generation.

  6. Chip says:

    when this country disolves to pieces in the next few yrs. there will be more to worry about then healthcare cost

  7. AMHBAF Smith says:

    Out of pocket like the liberals have been making me do for the last thirty six years.

  8. Ollicopt says:

    Tell my what I get when Medicare is bankrupt.

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