3 Responses to “Consumer Rights: Can i obtain any discounts if the item has already been purchased?”

  1. Who says:


    The final total amount you were paying should have appeared somewhere along the line before you place the order

    Once you place the order then you accepted the price quoted.

    If the price did not include a discount then you should not have placed the order

    who knows why it did not appear, perhaps it was not a valid code, maybe you entered it incorrectly, maybe the "discount" is just bullsh//t

    Fact is – you were advised a price without a discount, and you accepted it by placing the order.
    Also- If you were NOT advised a final price you should have queried it with customer services.BEFORE placing the order.

    (think the previous answer is incorrect as far as contract law
    A discount is an invitation, just like the price ticket on goods.
    the actual contract is formed by the offer price shown in your checkout bill, and you agreeing to pay that price by placing your order.

    If you go into a shop and goods are ticketed at say £10 but the shop rings up £100, and you buy it at £100, the shop is under no obligation to refund you the £90 (but probably would)
    It also works the other way around- pay £10 for goods ticketed at £100, once you have paid the £10 the shop has no right to demand £90 from you.
    The same with a discount- the shop offers a 10% discount in the window. But when you take goods to the till, the price does not include the discount. Once you pay that price you have no right to the discount, The price was shown without discount – you accepted it.)

  2. MYRTEL says:

    The discount becomes part of the contract as it was displayed in the process of the offer and purchase.
    Therefore you are entitled to the discount.
    The problem is how do you enforce your rights and UK law will not assist you for a foreign purchase outside the EU. I am using the basics of Contract Law on this one.
    I would contact the seller and tell them unless you get the discount as per contract – you will show them as dishonourable dealers via Facebook and anywhere else you can show their name to potential customers.

  3. mir says:

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