Cool Ideas For Decorating Your Daughter's Room

Little girls love beautiful colors, which makes it so easy to decorate a girl's bedroom. Simply adding floral fabrics, cute butterflies and animals or trellises to a room will turn it into a haven that your daughter will cherish and be proud to call her own. Stencils of vines, flowers, and butterflies would have a beautiful accent to her walls, while painting with colors to match your wallpapers and fabrics would add a nice touch. For the windows, airy and soft curtains are a must.

If your house is located near the beach or you wish it was, use an ocean theme with sea blues for the walls, sandy colors for the floor, and cloudy skies for the ceiling. Get ideas from beach border art prints and wallpapers, as well.

Starlight is another theme she is sure to love and you will be able to find wallpapers, bedding, and area rugs patterned with stars very easily. While this theme could apply to boys, as well, girls would prefer brighter pastel colors for their room. Star pieces are essential, while rubber sponges and stamps shaped as stars can be dipped into paint to make a star border across the room or to decorate furniture. Star shaped rugs are other great additions to support this theme.

The moon can also create a soft and beautiful look. Ceilings of midnight blue filled with painted stars and the moon, or even glow-in-the-dark star stickers can embellish the room beautifully, as can a star-studded bookshelf or chest. A star or moon quilt or fabric is perfect for window treatments, while a cut-out of the moon can be added onto the headboard.

Flowers are another great feminine style. Sunny yellows, watermelon pinks, lime greens, and bright oranges are great colors to establish this retro look of the 60s. Colorful fabrics and borders are essential, ideally featuring basic shapes of flowers in bright colors that can be matched with basic fabrics for valances, ruffles, and pillows for a window seat. Shapes of flowers can also be blown up with a Xerox machine, in order to be randomly traced onto the walls and wild colors should be used as paint to coordinate it with the available fabrics.

Girls also tend to love the sun, so why not paint a picture of the hills with a peeking sunrise at the top? Bright colors for quilts and beddings are preferred, while green rugs can look like grass and the ceiling can be painted in a soft sky blue. Waking up to this beautiful theme is sure to please any young girl, as it gives off a cozy look of summer.

Another great theme for your daughter would be a cottage style theme, especially if most of her furniture is second-hand. A lot of white colors will be needed for this theme, as well as light colors like sky blue, pink, and pale green.

Whatever theme you choose for your daughter's room, be sure to infuse the space with color and soft textures to complete the design. Make sure to add a soft area rug that coordinates with the theme. Little girls love to sit on the floor while they read or talk on the phone. Keep your daughter comfortable with a soft rug in a bright color. A beautiful area rug will complete your design and give your little princess a room she can cherish for years to come.

Source by Fran Sloan

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