Could earphones being sold on be fakes?

Just wondering whether its possible that earphones being sold on might be fakes… i know there’s lots of fakes on ebay but what about
This is the product i want to buy….

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4 Responses to “Could earphones being sold on be fakes?”

  1. weslaf0313 says:

    i have used amazon a lot in the last couple of years and have had not one problem , if it comes from an outside sellet check out there reviews . that will let you know a lot

  2. David P says:

    Yes, it is possible for anyone to sell anything (almost) through the amazon website, so it could be a fake.

    Beware the high shipping charges, these are fixed by amazon, not the selller.

    Amazon take around 18% commission on sales through their website.

  3. Aisha M says:

    well is well known company and in case you get a fake earphones you can send the item back and they will return your money ,

  4. shane c says:

    used amazon alot i only buy if sold by amazon rather than other sellers

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