Could I Recover The Exact Rifle A Civil War Ancestor Used?

I was searching on the Internet for personal diaries of his regiment (I wanted to get a feel of what he went through) when I came across the sale of 6 rifles from his exact regiment. (Albeit a different company.)
They all had the serial identifications that would have correlated to a soldier being assigned to that particular weapon. (The ad. didn’t name the soldiers however.)
So would it be possible to track down the exact gun that my great-great-great grandfather was issued? It may be even more complicated by the fact that he was wounded while in service and only stayed with the infantry for 14 months.

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One Response to “Could I Recover The Exact Rifle A Civil War Ancestor Used?”

  1. Smells like New Screen Names says:

    The chance of this is absurdly slim.
    They didn’t bother to track individual distribution, most of these rifles are long gone and the ones which aren’t are expensive, and you’d never have a real idea of what happened to his rifle.

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