Could You Please Check My Answer 2?

Use the cue words to write sentences in the present progressive
11. this accident / stop / traffic
This accident is stopping traffic
12. this semester / I / take / English and math / at the university
I am taking English and Math this semester at the university .
13. Fuad / write / an outline / for his class project
Fuad is writing an outline for his project.
14. Leena / travel / with her father
Leena is traveling with her father
15. they / have / a book sale / at the bookstore / this week
They are having a book sale at the bookstore this week
Ali (check out) is checking out a book from the library.

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2 Responses to “Could You Please Check My Answer 2?”

  1. Jonas says:

    Everything seems right here!

  2. hottotro says:

    Your answers are in proper English and make sense and refer to the present time.
    But I’m not an expert on the “present progressive”…

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